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Operator in Charge

Austin Shillcox

Austin Shillcox

Wastewater Operators

Tom Shillcox
Gerald Klingeisen





Valders Waterworks

Public Utility Clerk: Lori Bruckner
Water Operators: Gerald Klingeisen
Tom Shillcox 
Phone: 920-775-4522 or 920-629-4970
Fax: 920-775-4925



Utility Rates

See current water and sewer rates

Billing Cycles

Each billing cycle is due 20 days after the billing date.

January - March - Due on/about April 20
April - June - Due on/about July 20
July - September - Due on/about October 20
October - December - Due on/about January 20

The Utilities gives a seasonal discount to eligible residents during the 3rd quarter for non-sewered water.

Locates - Call 811 before you dig

Valders Public Utilities is a member of Diggers Hotline. For all service requests that involve locates for underground electric, water and/or sewer installations located in the Village, please call 1-800-242-8511 at least 3 working days prior to digging.

2023 Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

Valders Water Service Lateral Material Identification List

Waste Water Treatment

Headworks Building: Influent sampling, influent metering, micro bar screen.

The WWTP has a back up generator that will run the entire plant, it is a 240 3phase, 180 kw, 600 volts generator.

2 - Clarifier total volume = 150,000 gal.
2 - Return Activated Sludge Pumps
2 - Waste Activated Sludge Pumps
1 - Sludge aqua store = 480,000 gal.
1 - Storm water holding basin = 2,000,000 gal.

Design Criteria

Design Population: 2500
Average Daily Flow: Dry-.140 mgd
Average Daily Flow: Wet-.220 mgd
Maximum Daily Flow: .536 mgd
Maximum Design B.O.D.: 822 bs/day
Average Daily SS: 512 lbs/day


Electric Supplier: Wisconsin Public Service Corporation
Supplier type: Investor owned
Natural gas supplier: Wisconsin Public Service Corporation
Pipeline source: ANR Pipeline Company
Water source: Municipal wells
Telecommunications: TDS Telecom

Lift Pump Stations

Main Lift Station At Waste Water Treatement Plant
2 - 7.5hp sanitary pumps 250 gpm 40 TDH
1 - 12hp storm water pumps 1200 gpm 24 TDH

Other Lift Stations

1 - 3hp & 1-5hp located on Christel Drive
2 - 3hp located on North Jackson Street

Water System

- 41,800 ft. of distribution main
- 366 Residential customers
- 7 Multi Family customers
- 42 Commercial customers
- 6 Industrial customers
- 12 Public Authority customers
- 76 hydrants

Municipal Wells

The Village has 2 - Deep Municipal Wells

Well #1: 625 ft deep
Produces 600 gallons/minute
Approximate run time: 3.5 hrs./day every other day
Disinfection Chemical: Sodium hypochlorite/.3 part per million
Hydroflousilicic Acid: NACL2 Flouride/.75 part per million
Well #1 is setup with emergency power backup.
Well #1 water hardness - 430 mg/L

Well #2: 528 ft deep
Produces 600 gallons/minute
Approximate run time: 3.5 hrs./day every other day
Disinfection Chemical: Sodium hypochlorite
Hydroflousilicic Acid: NACL2 Flouride
Well #2 water hardness - 460 mg/L

Elevated Storage Tower
250,000 gallon pedestal tower constructed in 2002.

Valders has a wellhead protection program in effect for its potable wells.