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Dog & Cat Licensing

Dog Licensing

All dogs over the age of 5 months must be licensed. Proof of vaccinaton against rabies by a veterinarian is required. (Rabies certificate)

The fee for a neutered male or spayed female is $5.00 upon presentation of evidence attesting to the same, and $10.00 for an unneutered male or unspayed female.

Please come to the Village Office to obtain your license.

All pet licenses must be obtained by March 31 of each year. A $15.00 penalty per animal is applied to the license fee after March 31.

We don't accept online payments.

Cat Licensing

The same regulations and fees applying to dog owners, also apply to cat owners within the Village of Valders. Please come to the Village Office to obtain your license.


No owner or other person in control or having custody of a dog or cat shall allow the animal to run at large within the village unless accompanied by and under the control of the owner or keeper on a leash not to exceed 6' in length. 12.04(7).


The keeping or harboring of any animal; which by frequent or habitual howling, yelping, barking, crowing or making of other noises shall constitute a code violation. 12.04(8) & 10.05(a).

No person owning or in control of any animal, shall allow or permit such animal to defecate on any private or public property owned by another, unless such person shall immediately remove all feces so deposited by such animal. 10.05(b).


No person or person(s) shall own, harbor, or keep in its possession no more than three(3) dogs, three(3) cats, or a total of five animals, whichever is more restrictive, in any physical address, except that a litter of pups or kittens, or a portion of litter, may be kept for not more than sixteen (16) weeks from Birth. 12.04(2)